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As a user of ERDAS IMAGINE for over twenty years, there was always something a little lacking when it came to support; an active and vibrant user community. Sure, there were newsgroups and Google Groups, but nothing where you could really interact with other users.

Recently this has changed. Hexagon introduced the Geospatial Community a couple of years ago and over the course of the last twelve months or so it has gathered enough active uses to make it a really worthwhile resource.

There’s news from Hexagon of course, but also a really useful forum¬† if you find yourself stuck and, with the demise of Sterling Geo’s spatial model library, about the only place on the web where you can find examples of spatial models.

If you’re a user of ERDAS IMAGINE, or any other Hexagon Geospatial software, do yourself a favour and sign up now. And while you’re at it, say hi to me while you’re there.

Situation Update Jan 18

This won’t really be of interest to anyone except me, but the extreme radio silence on this site since 2011 has meant that I’ve been gainfully employed at Sterling Geo doing the thing I do best (and like the most): remote sensing and image processing.

That all came to an end this week due to the classic circumstances beyond our control, which means that, for a short while at least, I’m now a free agent with a bit of time on my hands.

So, while I have a bit of a think about what content I could be adding here, here’s a preview (postview? – we never actually made it) of the image that was to go on our mugs this year. Ah well…

ERDAS Training

If you are looking for ERDAS IMAGINE or ERDAS ER Mapper training, look no further.

Johnnie Shannon has over eighteen years of experience in the remote sensing and image processing world and is able to impart the real world tips and tricks that he has learned in that time to you.

In addition to the standard ERDAS courses (he’s a certified ERDAS instructor), he can also provide a customised modular course that will fit your exact requirements.

Contact him for more details and a reasonably priced quote.

Full Motion Video Analysis


Over the years there have been a number of times that I’ve been asked if it’s possible to import / analyse / georeference / whatever full motion video in ERDAS IMAGINE. While it’s been possible, up to a point, to do all these things, it’s never been an easy option and IMAGINE has never really had a dedicated workflow to do all that.

However, with the integration of ERDAS IMAGINE and Intergraph, it now seems that there is a dedicated workflow for the import and analysis, including change detection, of video. This is great news for anyone who regularly captures full motion video as part of their surveillance requirements, and here I’m thinking particularly of corridor¬†maintenance¬†operations.

You can find out more about this workflow by joining the ERDAS webinar at 4pm (UK time) on Wednesday October 5th 2011.